I wasn’t expecting for our re-release of The WASPs to hit the ARe bestseller list at all, but I’m so thrilled and proud that it has. This book was so much fun to write with Thursday Euclid (they’re all fun to write together or we’d probably stop.)

Today when I looked it had gone down to 11th, so it was good I took a screencap of it at #10. Yesterday we’d posted Jett and Goldie’s tribute to David Bowie and I wanted ot give that its own day before this announcement.


We initially released The WASPs with Dreamspinner Press but received the rights back at the end of the contract term and then released it on Amazon where it was on Kindle Unlimited which keeps the novel exclusive to Amazon for 90 days. We had some great ranking on Amazon for a while but felt it was time to take it off of KU and release it elsewhere.

I’d figured we’d more than blown our wads at this point, so it was a very special thrill to get the email that we were a bestseller at All Romance ebooks which is such a great platform to buy books from authors on.

Right now, The WASPs is available nearly everywhere including Scribd, Amazon, iTunes, BN, Kobo, etc.

Keep an eye out for other re-releases as they come! And don’t forget that you still have another day to receive a FREE copy of my queer scifi horror story Stay on Amazon.