You know, moreso than I often am. I’ll be on Beth Wylde’s group for a day sponsored by her and Noble Romance promoting Gay Pride and hawking some stuffs tomorrow, June 20. I’ll be around most of the day CST. They’re calling it a chat, but let me assure you, it’s emails on the group. I found it confusing anyway. I’ve tried to go to a couple of these kinds of events all logged in on YIM and no one was anywhere.

Anyway, there are prizes and stuff and I’ll be giving away a book or two and sharing excerpts for my new m/m Steampunk story that’s supposed to be out June 28 on Noble Romance. I’m pretty excited about it and am doing interviews and podcasts and all of that fun stuff, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing all of that eventually. You can hear my strange take on the world and politics and world events.

Speaking of, if you follow my twitter you would’ve seen the exciting day in celebrity gossip. I’m not normally one to follow it, but there were bombs, gangrene, and kidnappings!

George Clooney says, “This is not the first bomb I’ve experienced.”

One year ago, Dean Winters died. But he feels a lot better now.

Kidnapped and forced to do drugs. Sounds like a party of three.

I’ve taken to microblogging more than anything else lately. I guess all my thoughts that go over 140 characters are going into stories.

I hope to see you all tomorrow.