There are those who will always choose their books by scent, evidently. They believe that ebooks will never really catch on because you can’t smell the pages. Of all of the arguments that I’ve heard pro-print, that one seems to be the one most used and the least compelling. Book smells. Well, okay.

To me, the argument in favor of print books is old people and Luddites–there are more of them then there are of us. Therefore, it is with much regret to trees that must give their lives for my nonsense, but nevertheless great enthusiasm in which I am to announce that Le Jazz Hot will soon be available in print.

As proof, I offer you the book cover:

Le Jazz Hot Cover

With reviews on, even!

I do not yet have a date for when this will be available. After much squealing and pleasure, my next thought was that ‘Hey! I could do signings now that I have something to sign!’

Now if only I could track down a pen.