I took a couple of days off of work around my birthday (which was last week) where I fully intended to get Really Angry about something and write a blog post about it.

There’s actually been a few issues I’ve been Really Angry about that just never quite culminated into blog posts for a variety of reasons, mostly work-related (day job AND writing/editing.)

I guess if my excuse for not writing is writing, things could be worse.

Things I didn’t post about that I should have:

  • RWA’s exclusion of LGBT fiction and writers from their contest which they would rather remove than allow LGBT fiction in–this isn’t a new subject and I’m not a member. I’m not a member because I hate giving money to groups that encourages bigotry. Especially when they’re all up in your face about it. I don’t always have the opportunity to control where my money goes, but when I do, boy howdy, they ain’t gettin’ it. I know a lot of LGBT writers are members of RWA and are fighting the good fight from within. They even have a Rainbow Romance Writers group. I lack the intestinal fortitude to live in the lion’s den. I admire those who do. Even when I think I might be able to manage it without turning into Wowbagger, the Infinitely Prolonged, I can’t help worrying over what nefarious purpose my discretionary income is being put to.
  • On that topic, for whatever reason, when I gave money to the Courage Campaign (you betcha Prop 8 is unconstitutional–it’s not even a matter of supporting gay marriage–it’s the CONSTITUTION), they asked for the name of my employer for compliance. Compliance to what? I said I didn’t work anywhere. I wasn’t asked about my employer when I gave to Planned Parenthood.
  • And on that topic, Susan G. Komen can suck it, too. Thank whomever needs to be thanked that I have not had cancer, but friends of mine are survivors (and some didn’t survive) and so that’s a charity I gave to. When I was in college, Planned Parenthood was there for me. I didn’t have need of their more controversial services, but I vowed that I would get myself in a position to repay them. And I have. I had given to SGK with the understanding that some of that would filter down. I know there was a resignation and things were cleared up, but frankly, I don’t trust them anymore. Someone hired that woman.

I had other things on my mind but while they’re topical to an extent, they’re things I can probably explore without the pressure of time passing. Indefinite detention is indefinite.

My new favorite site may be Wonkette. If you like your US liberal politics with a heavy application of snark, you have a home now.

2 thoughts on “In which there is little point and a lot of rant

  1. Go for it, Clancy! I do enjoy your rants!

    RWA seems to be a pretty conservative crowd.

    I see that following Amazon’s lead, now Paypal is starting to dictate what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to content. A worrying trend. There is a fine line between what happens in the privacy of the home between consenting adults and what many who would lke to impose their values on others as being “wrong”.

    That attitude was prevalent in the past when all homosexuals were presumed to be pedophiles.

    I don’t know about you, but I find this increase in censorship a worrying trend.


    1. I find it very worrying. And I wonder why PayPal would get it into their heads to start making such changes. I’m going to have to read up more on this. I got the note from Smashwords and I understand not wanting to fall on the sword for incest…or bestiality…or… but where does that stop, exactly? Fiction is fiction. I’ve been on the receiving end of some real violence and while rape titillation isn’t exciting for me, I;m pretty sure the guy wasn’t much of a reader.

      I’m going to have to poke around some. I’m really uncomfortable about being censored by PayPal.

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